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Sync Assistant is an ergonomic tool to compare two directories or directory trees and assist with file alignment
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7 June 2010

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The whole idea of syncing is fantastic as it lets the user sync his information from one place to the other in case he wants to save information or for issues related to comparison. Syncing information and directories can actually benefit the user a lot as it gives him so many options that increase his work efficiency and productivity. This leads him to doing his work in a better manner as well as also providing him an option of saving his precious data. This eases his burden and saves him from worrying about his data as it will be secure. Sync Assistant 1.21 helps the user along the road of syncing information and data in a proper way and order.

Brimming with perfection, Sync Assistant 1.21 does its job with utmost efficiency while keeping everything intact. The main objective of the software application is that it helps users in syncing directories or directory trees along with also helping with file alignment. This helps the user in comparing two directories and finding differences along with providing them with an added benefit of saving information as a backup for further use. The best part about the syncing process is that the user will never have to worry about losing data during the process of syncing as the tool works with immense accuracy. There will never be any kind of changes to the information when the process is taking place and everything will be in its original form. The user has the full control over the software application and can wield its power in whichever way he wishes to.

Reeking of sophistication while providing simplified ways of transferring and syncing data from one place to the other, Sync Assistant 1.21 gets a score of 3 out of 5. Now syncing will be a piece of pie for almost anyone.

Publisher's description

Sync Assistant is an ergonomic tool to compare two directories or directory trees and assist with file alignment.
A typical utilization of Sync Assistant is when you want to keep a copy of your data files (which you frequently create or update) in a different disk (hard or floppy) for backup purpose. By the way, It is strongly recommended to do that as a daily habit, as the hard disk of your PC will crash sooner or later, without any prior warning.
Sync Assistant compares two directory trees and tells you the differences in a simple form, allowing you to selectively align files in either direction, just by clicking on buttons or by dragging and dropping file names.
Sync Assistant does not perform any automatic change after detecting and showing the differences between two directory trees. All alignments must be explicitly requested by you.
Sync Assistant
Sync Assistant
Version 1.21
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